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Thanks for stopping by. Here you can find out all about me (Cyn) and everything I do on the Internet! You can read my writing, which includes prose, poetry, and fanfiction. All the fanlistings I've joined are here as well, so you can find out what kind of stuff I like. Under amusements you can find out more about me.

Be sure to check out the blog for the latest updates and happenings! I'll try to remember to post there whenever I change anything to do with the site. And possibly with my other sites as well.

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Dreame.net opened in 2002, as a collective/portal site shared between myself and Meiran. I believe it became 'my site' in 2006 after Meiran had established her own web site. Dreame.net is currently my personal site, but also still houses all of Meiran's, Shoka's, and my fanlistings, as well as other sites for myself and my friends.

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