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The World Crystals
A set of four crystals, one from each of the first four worlds, that aid in moving from one plane to another. Each crystal also increases the enhancement bonus of the owner's weapons by +1 when carried (to a max of +5 total bonus.) In addition, when multiple crystals are carried by the same person, they impart additional abilities depending on the wearer.

2 crystals: Force Arrows: Bow generates force arrows (1d10 force damage, but still affected by DR). +10 range increment.
3 crystals: Perfect Initiative: Corran always wins initiative. Also, grants a +2 bonus to dexterity.

2 crystals: +1 damage per spell level with fire spells.
3 crystals: "Control Flame" becomes "Fireblast" Fireblast: All known metamagics are spontaneously applied to one spell as it is being cast. This does not affect the casting time.

2 crystals: Armor of Valor: +1 enhancement bonus to armor and shield
3 crystals: Potion Chug: Can drink up to 10 "cure" potions in a single round.
Zoe 2 crystals: Water of Life: All enchanted liquids (mainly potions, but sovereign glue would count too, I suppose) Zoe drinks or concentrates on (she must be holdiong them) for 1 round have the additional effect of a Cure Light Wounds spell when drunk (Lv5 caster). The liquid retains this power for 1 hour afer she imbues it with this ability.
3 crystals: Watersense: Can sense the element of water and its varying concentrations in a distance of 60' (must concentrate for 3 rounds). Can likely tell if a source of water is a creature or plant or whatever.

2 crystals: Vostok's Encouragement: rose gains +3 moral to all attacks, saves, and skill checks when Vostok is nearby.
3 crystals: 5 HP: Gattling Shot: Rose may make twice as many gun attacks as normal during this round.
Edan's World Staff "name goes here"
+2 Quarterstaff
Ego: 30
Ali: Neutral
Int: 23
Wis: 19
Cha: 17
Grants the "Dimensional Strike" ability
Grants a +6 Enhancement bonus to INT
Grants a +2 Deflection bonus to AC
Grants a +2 resistance bonus to saves

Charged Abilities:10/day
1: Power Strike: Staff attack does double damage.
4: Cast "Fireshield" as a 25th level caster.
1/+1 bonus: Gain +1 to beat SR with a spell as it is being cast (Max +5)
2/spell level: +2 save DC for one spell. Usable once per spell.
3/spell level: Cast a spell and not lose it from list of prepared spells

One Time Use Abilities:(require a magic item sacrifice to activate)
2500 GP: Casts Meteor Swarm as a Lv25 caster.
10,000 GP: Summon Guardian Dragon.

Permanent Abilities once activated:(require a magic item sacrifice to activate)
Enhancement bonus becomes +3: 10,000
Enhancement bonus becomes +4: 14,000
Deflection bonus becomes +3: 10,000
Deflection bonus becomes +4: 14,000
Resistance bonus becomes +3: 5,000
Resistance bonus becomes +4: 7,000
"Fire Dart" (0 charges): 25,000
"Chance"(2 charges): 50,000
"Fly" (self only) (3 charges): 75,000
"Planar Guard" (5 charges): 125,000
Maximum Charges +2: Free!
Maximum Charges +4: Free!
Maximum Charges +6: Free!
Maximum Charges +8: Free!
Maximum Charges +10: Free!
Maximum Charges +12: Free!
Maximum Charges +14: Free!
Maximum Charges +16: Free!
Maximum Charges +18: Free!
Maximum Charges +20: Free!
Power Descriptions:
Fire Dart: Range 100 feet, Damage 2d8 fire, Reflex DC 15 for .

??: Cast a random spell from your spell list. Choose where it is targeted, and let it fly! +4 Caster level and +2 Save DC. 5% chance the spell is not expended when cast using this power.

Planar Guard:Range: Touch, Duration: 1 minute
One target suffers damage from all attacks and special powers (not spells) from Dimensional monsters. Only one instance of this spell can be in effect in a 1 mile radius. A second casting will fail.

Unlock Epic Abilities: ???
Updated: 9/08/03