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New Feats
Armored Arcana
This feat reduces arcane spell failure due to armor and shields by 10%. The character must be proficient in the armor or shield type worn to gain the benifits of this feat. This feat may be taken multiple times. Its effects stack.

Exotic Spell
By means of this feat, a character may learn a spell not normally on her class list. A character may learn any clerid, druid, or sorcerer/wizard spell of up to one level lower than the highest level spell she can cast. It is added to a wizard's spellbooks, a sorcerer's spells known, or a cleric or druid's spell list. If the spell has a divine focus component, the character must instead us a small crystal rod worth at least 50 gold per spell level (this is a focus, not a consumed component). Said spell also added to the class spell list for that character. For example, Zurondo Wizbang, a level 11 wizard, takes this feat upon gaining his 12th level. Since he can cast level 6 wizard spells, he may choose any druidic or clerical spell of up to 5th level and add it to his spell books. Zurondo chooses entangle, which is then added to his spellbook and his class list (allowing him to use wands and similiar items).

Improved Caster Level
Taking this feat increases the caster level of all spellcasting classes by 1. This feat may be taken multiple times and its effects stack.
Point Buy from DMG is used.
Players receive 25 points to build a character.
After all points are assigned, the player may raise one stat of choice by +4 and another stat of choice by +2. The final initial stats may not exceed 18 + or - racial modifiers.
Races with ECL +1 are treated as ECL +0.
All characers begin play with 500 gold pieces.

Characters in a session receive however much XP the DM dictates.
Characters who miss a session receive (250 x Average Party Level) XP.
When a player DMs, his character gains (333 x Average Party Level) XP.

Leveling Up
Characters roll on the high side of the HD for HP.
Adding a new class must be somehow explained in character. If you intend to multiclass, announce it a level or so beforehand.

Class Changes
World 1: Monte Sorcerer replaces Standard Sorcerer (but the sorcerer keeps the spellswapping ability at even levels).
Updated: 9/13/03