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For decades, Thorn has reigned as the most powerful demon in Atlanta, lurking in the spirit realm, whispering lies to unsuspecting human ears, commanding all other demons to do his bidding. But when Marcus, an old demonic rival, returns from exile to attack Thorn unexpectedly, Thorn finds his power ripped from his grasp.

Wounded, desperate, and abandoned by his allies, Thorn is forced to ask himself questions—forbidden questions about demonkind’s place in the universe. Questions that threaten to undermine everything Thorn and his fellow demons have believed for millennia.

With enemies closing in from all sides, Thorn grows ever more desperate for a way to escape his vicious life and to keep the people he loves safe in the process.

But Thorn is a vile, wicked demon who has committed unspeakably evil acts. He could never truly love someone. He could never become good.

Could he?

I didn’t make it very far into this book, let alone finishing it.  That being said, let me try to explain why I felt this book wasn’t the right choice for me.  

Thorn by Joshua Ingle
Thorn by Joshua Ingle

Thorn is the story of a demon, and demons generally veer toward the bad side of things. In this book, the demons’ purpose is to push negative thoughts on people and encourage those thoughts to grow and fester.

In the short bit that I read, Thorn talked about a murder-suicide he was working to make happen, and how he couldn’t get a different person to commit suicide yet. The world is filled with enough news stories that are sad and depressing. That is not what I want out of a story I’m reading for an escape.  Although the cover copy indicates that Thorn may become good, there was no hint of that in what I read. I didn’t see any evidence that Thorn was going to be different from the other demons or have some redeeming qualities.

This is probably a case of giving up too soon, but there are so many books that I want to read that I’m not going to force myself to read something if it’s just not working for me.  Every time I thought of picking this back up, I rejected it because I didn’t want to read about someone being belittled, or hurt, or told that they’re unattractive or not good enough.  The negative beginning may be needed for the book to pay off later if Thorn undergoes a transformation, but it was enough that I found it off putting.

Although the subject of the writing didn’t work for me, the writing itself was well done and I enjoyed some of the images the descriptions evoked. I found the demons themselves interesting, especially how they were not corporeal beings.  Rather than interacting with the landscape and tangential items, they could float their body where they wanted it to be. However, they were corporeal to each other, as Thorn is able to be beaten.  This is an interesting choice, and I liked that it wasn’t just a case of a demon inhabiting a body in order to roam the earth.

Although I decided not to finish this story, I encourage anyone to check it out if the darker tone would not bother you.


Cloud Nine (#07)

  • My nephew got married!!  So happy for them!
  • New PR on my 5k runs – 40:15.  Woot!
  • Became kind of obsessed with a new romance series of books.  Can’t wait to read more of them!
  • Was approved on NetGalley for an ARC of Age of Myth by Michael J. Sullivan.  I am so excited to read this!  I have enjoyed pretty much all of his books.
  • Also got sucked into a new series called Vera, and the accompanying books.  It’s a crime series that falls into the murder mystery genre. It’s also very good at keeping the audience from figuring out the killer.   

Cloud Nine (#06)

Yeah, I’m a little late again.  Happy Mother’s Day!

  • My mom!  She’s always supported me no matter what.  Love you!
  • My cousin and his family came to visit.  We went all over DC and I had a blast!  It was so much fun. Stops included The White House, The Renwick Gallery, some Smithsonians, and some monuments, Ford’s Theater and Nationals Park.
  • Attended my first Nats game – and they won!  Wooo!
  • Pizza and tv watching – Agents of SHIELD
  • New computer!  A friend came over and helped me put it together.
  • Catching up on Quantico
  • The Voice – I am loving Alisan Porter.  She’s my fave!

Cloud Nine (#05)

Well, I’m off by a week.  Whoops!  Not even sure where the time went.  On to the good things.

  • BB-8 packaging for The Force Awakens
  • Lots of family visits planned in the near future
  • Surprise package from a friend with French books
  • Deciding to learn French again
  • The GIlmore Girls reunion!!!
  • Reading a ton of books

March Financial Challenge – Wrap up

All right, checking in for the March financial challenge, which was to curb impulse spending.  And I did not meet this challenge.  I did pretty well for about the first half of the month, and then kind of let it go out the window.

March was a rough month for me, and not to make excuses, but I think that’s part of what happened in my decision making process.  I don’t think I would classify it as retail therapy, but I do think I had a tendency to start thinking “This month sucked, screw it, I’m gonna buy what I want.”

I should probably work on that. 😉

Anyhow, didn’t do so great at the challenge.  Trying to participate in these challenges each month is making me more aware of my finances in general, so I feel I’m still getting something out of it.  Can’t wait to see what April’s challenge is!