Feb 1, 2014


I think creativity can be  a fickle thing.  On the one hand, it's kind of like riding a bike.  After not having used my graphics program for years, creativity struck and I was able to still navigate it and create what I wanted.  On the other hand, for me at least, creativity is something that has to used every so often.  I need to remember that it is there, within me, and I can still use it.  It's something that can strike without warning, or something that you have to dredge up and work for.  That's why I think it's fickle.  It's not a constant thing in my life, and it's so tied up into emotions and actions.


There are different kinds of creativity as well.  This morning was using my graphics program again.  Last November it was writing a novel (or at least the start to one).  I have the urge to go back and visit a couple of other things I've written, and see if I can turn them into something more. 


I made a card today for a penpal, and it's nothing fancy.  I didn't do much as far as editing the graphic or anything, really.  But it was enough to help pull some of that creativity back to the forefront.  A little nudge that told me I still had fun with this stuff, even if it had been years since I've made anything.   It's a good feeling. 


Now to hold on to that and make sure I put it to good use.  

Nov 3, 2013

A new start!

So I've revamped my website.  Completely.  If you remember what was up here before, it was a small landing page and a few links to some random stuff.  I didn't update, and there wasn't much of note.  The website was really kind of just a waste.  Since I wanted to use my domain for something productive, I decided to turn it into my main blog.  I'm going to try and start writing in here more regularly, and mostly post whatever strikes my fancy. 


I'll be porting in my blog called Expanding Horizons, so that will be my starting point.  I set up Expanding Horizons as a way to do movie and book reviews.  That will continue.  But I'll also post about my forays into the world of beauty.  I'm trying to learn more about makeup and nails and what not.  And then there may also be some random other things going on.  General posts if I feel like talking, maybe some cooking stuff, or something about myc ats. 


So really, this is going to be a random blog of my life.   


I've been playing with the blog, and I think I like the way it is set up now.  The posts that I've imported are not set up as nicely as I would like, so I'll probably work on getting those formatted better as I have time to do so.  In the meantime I get to learn how to format new posts and make them do what I want.  Fun!  (Yes, there's some sarcasm there).  :)

Feb 29, 2012

Morrigan's Cross

Morrigan's Cross is the first in The Circle Trilogy by Nora Roberts, and like all good beginnings, we're introduced to the major characters.  This set of books happens to have six, but the first and foremost is a gentleman named Hoyt.  He is the central figure of the book, and is referred to as a "serious man" in earnest and in jokes.   That's a pretty accurate description of him.   Hoyt is a sorcerer from 12th century Ireland, who gets pulled forward in time to battle Lilith, the vampire queen.   This makes his character feel out of place for most of the book, some of which is to be expected, but I'm hoping that in the second book he will have become more comfortable in his own skin.

Morrigan's Cross book coverHoyt is tasked with finding the other members that will make up the circle for the fight to come.  We meet each of these characters, as they're introduced throughout the book.  Each of these six main characters has a part to play in the coming story.  During this book they're all trying to learn what that role is and how to interact with each other.  As this progresses into the second book I expect we'll see that they play larger parts than just the role initially assigned to them.

 A lot happens in this first book; time travel, death, a wedding, fights, and with so many characters involved there's the worry that the story will become overly complicated and lose the reader.  That didn't happen here.  Even for all the action and interaction of the characters, it was easy to keep up with which made for an enjoyable read.

 This is the first novel by Nora Roberts I've read, and I have to admit that I was originally a little biased towards her and  thought I might not enjoy her work.  In my mind Nora Roberts was pegged squarely in the romance category, and not in a good way.  I can't really explain where that notion came from, but I'm glad that I have the chance to revisit my opinion.

 A friend of mine gave this trilogy to me as a Christmas present, and proved my initial conception wrong.  It was definitely a good choice to spark my interest, as it falls into my favorite genres of books - fantasy and the supernatural.   I was eager to know what would happen to the characters, and how the story would unfold.  Yes, there's still some romance in here, but the characters and the plot drive this book, not just the romantic interactions.   I became invested in the book, and now I can't wait to read the next two in the trilogy.   I have another Nora Roberts trilogy that was given to me as well, and it's now gotten a higher spot in my to read list.

Next up is The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi for the book club I'm in.  After that I'll be back to read the second book in The Circle Trilogy.

Feb 18, 2011

The Stars My Destination

The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester
Book Club - February 6, 2011

starsmydestination.jpgA little late for me to be writing a review, and I can't guarantee I'll remember everything either, but since this is just a general response that should be okay.  This year I decided to join in a book club some of my friends were having, not only to read more varied books, but also to meet people and gain some new friends.  The Stars My Destination was the first book I read to participate in the book club.

I found the story intriguing, and was quite curious throughout my reading to find out what would happen next, and what the setting would be. A large part of what kept me involved in the story were the descriptions of the places and the way in which the story was told.  In general I'm not a big science fiction fan, I often find strictly science fiction books hard to keep up with because I don't have the right mindset to understand the science involved (whether or not it's real science), so I often lose the story in the more technical aspects.  Bester told the story with a great descriptive quality, which allowed me to enjoy it without getting lost in the science.

This was key for me, because I didn't really like many of the characters.  The main character, Gully Foyle, I didn't care much about one way or the other.  The female characters I thought were interesting, but possibly only because  I could relate to them a bit more, being a female myself.  My favorite character in the book, you could technically say was not a character at all.  Fourmyle of Ceres was fun and extremely over the top, bringing in a fantastical element that I really enjoyed.  Although I didn't care much about most of the characters, they were still well written and able to present the story that was being told.

Overall this was an interesting book, and one that I'm glad to have read.   I would happily recommend it to anyone who enjoys science fiction, and maybe even those who aren't so sure about it.

Jan 31, 2011

Phoebe in Wonderland

The description on Netflix for Pheobe in Wonderland doesn't tell you much about the story, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out what the movie was really about.  Even though I didn't know much about it, I decided to curl up and watch this movie last night.  I think what caught my eye was the image for the movie, and that the main character was played by Elle Fanning.  I've also found that I really enjoy the Alice in Wonderland story, and anything having to do with that seems to catch my eye.phoebe.jpg

I don't want to give anything away, so I'm not going to say much here.  Elle Fanning does a fantastic job at playing Phoebe, a little girl who uses Wonderland as an escape.  The story is told well, with the fantastic elements expected of anything associated with Wonderland, and a grip on reality that's almost heartbreaking as you watch what Phoebe and her family go through.  I laughed, and I cried, and had a feeling of happiness and satisfaction with how the ending unfolded.

 This isn't really a kids movie, it's actually rated PG-13, so don't think that just because Wonderland is involved it's something for the little ones.  It is, however, a very good story that I highly recommend.

Jan 29, 2011

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

sorcerersapprentice.jpgLast night I watched The Sorcerer's Apprentice starring Nicolas Cage.  It was a cute movie, and rather enjoyable overall.  However it was geared towards a younger audience and some of the plot seemed a bit too convenient.  Dave, the kid who becomes the apprentice, is not very good with magic which makes for some fun scenes in the movie.  He is very good at science, and the subplot of how he gets the girl was rather enjoyable.  I liked the Tesla coils reacting to music.  That's probably my favorite scene in the movie.

The end of the movie is one of those moments where everything worked out just a little too easily.  I like the way things turned out, and it's definitely a Disney ending, but I feel that it should have been a little harder for Dave.  I was happy that he put his knowledge of science to us in helping defeat the bad guys, rather than everything being reliant on magic.

I'd give it three stars, maybe four.  Definitely a fun movie for the family, and one I enjoyed watching.  I'd suggest renting it if you're interested.

Mar 29, 2010

A Wrinkle in Time (2003)

A Wrinkle in Time (2003)

wrinkleintime.jpgIt's been a fair amount of time since I've read the Madeleine L'Engle books, and therefore I think watching the movie was an easier and more enjoyable experience.  I wasn't caught in the trap of constantly comparing the two and trying to find the flaws in the adaptation.  Even for as long as the movie was (over two hours), I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The acting was done really well, the boy playing Charles Wallace was spot on.  He was also the little boy in The Ring, and I think he has a knack for roles of odd/precocious children.  All the characters were basically what I remembered from the books.  It was fun to get acquainted with them all again.  The imagery in the movie was very vivid and encompassing.  Parts were cheesy, like the travel through the tesseract, but that's to be expected to a degree.  And the movie didn't take it too far, so while it was cheesy, it was still acceptable and easy to look past.  The places they visited though, were amazing.  I particularly enjoyed the cavern of the Happy Medium, where the glow worms fed off of laughter.

It was a very nice way to spend the evening, and I'm glad I decided to bump this to the top of my queue and watch it.  I think it's a great movie for kids and adults alike.

Mar 24, 2010

Say Anything

After seeing and hearing about the iconic scene where John Cusack holds a boombox over his head in order to win back the girl he loves, I decided it was finally time to see this movie.  I started it one evening, and stopped it halfway through and then finished it last night. Although it didn't hold my attention enough to finish it in the same sitting, I am happy I watched through it to find out the rest of the story. I think I had built this up too much in my head because the actual movie didn't pan out to what I had hoped it would be.

The first half didn't grab me much, but it was your overall typical high school story.  I found the second half more interesting, but then was let down by that pivotal scene I mentioned above.  Because it wasn't really that pivotal.  That scene isn't what got them back together, it didn't change the story any.  If she would have at least looked out the window, or allowed herself a private smile that showed she was hearing and responding to what he had done for her, I would have enjoyed it more.  As the scene played out it was very anti-climactic. 

I enjoyed John Cusack's performance, as I always do. He's an actor I really like. Other actors in the movie also put in wonderful performances.  The dad was phenomenal, and got across all the emotions needed to portray someone doing something so distasteful, but yet believing it really was the best and right thing to do for his daughter.  I enjoyed that Jeremy Piven showed up, he's another actor I enjoy watching on the screen and he came off well as one of the guys.

I believe that if I had seen this movie while still in high school, or around that age range, it would have affected me much differently, and perhaps I would have connected with the characters more.  As it stands, it's a cute movie.  I don't dislike it, but I don't really like it either.  I'd say 3 stars on my scale.

Mar 23, 2010

Shalador's Lady

This book arrived while I was reading two other books. I had started one, and then decided to switch.  Then the latest Anne Bishop showed up and I switched again.  I began reading the evening of the 18th, I think it had actually arrived the day before.  I finished it the evening of the 19th, and only because I had to work on Friday morning did I not stay up and read it Thursday night.

I enjoy the world that Bishop has built, and it sucks me in every time.  It was great to see new and old characters together, and I felt they were well balanced too.  Some of the story lines with the older characters weren't necessarily needed, but overall the two groups of characters seem to meld well together.  I enjoyed having some of my favorites show up, like Karla, while still keeping up with Cassidy and her new court.  I felt sorry for Theran, but the ending gives me hope.  Cassidy and Gray are amazing, and I loved Gray's growth and transformation.  It was good that he grew slowly over the two books, and it wasn't an instantaneous change.

I went through the spectrum of emotions as I read; laughing, crying, anger, sympathy.  The Black Jewels books in general are pretty good at pulling out my emotions and it's something I enjoy.  I treat it as the mark of a really good book if I'm emotionally invested enough in the characters to cry when something sad happens, and laugh at a moment of humor.

Now, since I have so many books I want to read, I need to resist the urge to pull out the original trilogy and go back to the beginning of Jaenelle's story.  I think the Black Jewels can sit on the shelf a little longer as I enjoy some other stories that have been wanting my attention.

I hope that Bishop will write more of the Black Jewels Realms.  Some people may believe that she's milking her money cow, and perhaps to a degree she is.  But if the stories are good and enjoyable, what's wrong with that.  Bishop created a world that works, and she knows it.  So it doesn't bother me a bit if that's her impetus for writing more stories in the Realms of the Blood.  I'll happily buy and read them as they come out.

Mar 16, 2010

Alice in Wonderland (2010)

I hope I haven't spoiled anything, but since I am talking about the movie please beware.

Saturday evening I had the pleasure of accompanying Dan to the movies, or rather, he accompanied me.  I was kind of in charge of this date night, so the plans were set to go see Alice in Wonderland.  I was intrigued by the ads for the movie from the first moment I saw them.  One look at Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter with all the vibrant colors and larger than life fell, and I knew I wanted to see this movie.

The funny thing is, I'm not really a big Alice in Wonderland fan.  I remember reading the story as a kid and enjoying it, and for a brief while I think I was hooked on the movie, but then I kind of...grew out of it, I guess.  I remember many times growing up when I couldn't remember what it was I had liked so much about the book and the movie.  For some reason Alice and the imagination fantastic world of Wonderland just didn't resonate with me anymore.

lookingglasswars.jpgEarlier this year I read The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor, urged by Dan to do so after he finished reading the ARC Meiran had given me.  I had always thought it sounded like an interesting take, so I read it and enjoyed it immensely.  I have the second one sitting at home on the shelf, waiting to be read.  Shortly after reading the book is when I discovered the ads for the movie (I think that's how the timing went, although I could be off).

The different style of the book allowed me to see the story in a new light, so I decided I definitely wanted to see the movie.  On a recent vacation I got to have hot chocolate in a little cafe that was completely decorated in an Alice in Wonderland theme to promote the movie. The tables were all white and different shapes, and there were macoron trees used as centerpieces.  It was  a very fun experience, and only served to strengthen my resolve.

So I guess there was quite a bit of hope built up for this movie, although I didn't really feel that way as I headed into the theater. I was just hoping for a good, fun movie.  I like Tim Burton's style, and felt sure that I wouldn't be disappointed.  And I wasn't.

The movie opened in a way that almost had me wondering if this was indeed Alice in Wonderland.  We start out following Alice in the "real world" and then the story progresses and we saw Alice in Wonderland, and everything there was as imaginative and fantastical as I could have hoped.  The CGI seemed to blend in almost flawlessly, in large part I believe because it was a make believe world that didn't have to follow any norms.

Hatter was an amazing character, and I have to say he has always been one of my favorite characters.  Depp did well, although sometimes I have to say I could see Captain Jack Sparrow there too.  Both characters are insane, and it's hard not to call forth that imagery when it's so well ingrained because I love the first Pirates movie.  That was only a couple of brief times though, mainly through the way he spoke something, and then it was gone and I was back to seeing him as just the Hatter.

The White Queen did bother me a little bit, she was just too...I don't even have the right words.  Too floaty, maybe?  In the scene where were introduced to the White Queen, she drops the floatiness and runs, seemingly picking up more normal behavior. I had hoped that would continue throughout the movie, but she was back to being floaty in her next scene.

The Red Queen was very well done, and I enjoyed disliking her.  Which I think is the mark of a good bad character.  Alice herself was also well done, but I can't say I dearly love the character so I wasn't super invested in her.  I liked that she grew and learned about herself as the movie went on.  She could have just returned to the "real world" pretty much the same girl as before her trip through Wonderland, but instead she was able to realize more of who she was and apply that to her life.

If you enjoy the Alice in Wonderland story, or Tim Burton films in general, give it a go!  It was a lot of fun, and the Bandersnatch is just awesome!

If you've seen it, please share your thoughts. I'd love to know what you thought.

Cold Souls

I wasn't entirely sure what to expect with this film.  I had heard about it somehow, and stumbled upon a website to promote it - http://thesoulstoragecompany.com/.  The site was a lot of fun and as I read up on the movie I wanted to see it because it sounded quirky and odd.  I didn't get a chance to watch in theaters, as it was a limited release.  Once out on dvd I added it to my Netflix queue and last night I finally watched it.

It was quirky and odd.  I believe that Paul Giamatti did a great job channeling the ways he was affected by having his soul stored, and by using a different soul.  While the premise comes across as far fetched, it was believable because the movie didn't take itself too seriously.  Giamatti constantly expressed his doubt, surprise, and concern about the ability to store and switch souls.  Throughout the movie I think he also learns that his soul is the right one for him, the only one he's supposed to have.

cynssoul.jpgCold Souls is definitely not mainstream, but it was a fun movie that I suggest for anyone looking for something a little different.  Be sure to check out the website as well, and get your soul stored. They'll provide you with a picture of your soul, I've included mine - which seems to look kind of like a blood splatter.  Nice, huh?

In the movie Giamatti's soul comes out as a chickpea. He's incredulous, and this one small detail adds so much to the movie.  There are many small, amusing bits that keep the movie from going overboard, some of them tied to shape of Giamatti's soul.

If you've seen the film or decide to, please let me know what you thought!

Aug 4, 2009

Paul McCartney - Take Two

Saturday, August 1st I had the privilege of attending the Paul McCartney concert.  I went with my boyfriend, Dan, and the rest of his family.  It was an amazing experience, and I am glad I got to share with Dan.  He's a big fan of Paul McCartney, and when the venue was announced there was no way he was going to miss it.  I remember him texting or messaging me about it, with a "squeeeeeeeee" tacked onto the end.  *smile*  I myself am not much of a Paul McCartney fan.  Or maybe I should say was not much of a fan.  I didn't know much of Paul's solo stuff, heck I don't even know a whole lot of the Beatles music, although I do enjoy it overall.  I am open to almost all kinds of music though, and I enjoy concerts as well.  So it was nice that I was automatically included in these plans.  *smile*  It felt good that he wanted me to come along.

paulmccartney.jpgOur understanding was that the concert started at 7pm.  So we picked up his sister at about 5 and headed out.  We gave ourselves extra time because undoubtedly traffic was going to be more congested than normal.  That's an understatement.  We were barely moving while on the beltway. It was horrible.  The mood in the car was also going downhill awfully fast.  Around 6:30 I checked the tickets and they said the concert started at 7:30, so we had an extra half hour - awesome!  Only that didn't matter because traffic still wasn't moving.  We ended up playing tag with his parents, as we'd pass them and then eventually they'd pass us back.  Our chosen music ran out and we ended up sitting in silence.  The traffic had stopped completely and we weren't moving.  The mood in the car was kind of sour at this point. I was so upset I was almost to tears because I knew how much Dan had been looking forward to this and now it seemed we were going to miss it. 

Becky fired up the GPS on her blackberry and found us an alternate route.  Just getting the car moving improved everyone's mood.  We made an illegal turn (following a bunch of other cars doing the same thing) and made it to the stadium parking lot.  Yay!  Of course we had to go get in line for a park, so we were really just sitting around some more.  Becky hopped out and headed up to the stadium while Dan and I waited to be directed to a parking spot.  After driving around to the other side of the stadium, we finally got to park.  I texted Dan the lot number where we were, that way we could look it up if we forgot.  Then we walked to the stadium. We were frisked on the way in, but it wasn't really a big deal.

Once inside we found Becky and then hopped in line for some food. It was about this time that we found out the concert didn't start until 9, and we hadn't actually missed anything (when we arrived inside we had thought it might have been an intermission).  This lifted our spirits tremendously.  *grin*  So we grabbed some chicken tenders and bottled water and headed up to our seats.  Once we moved some people who had sat there mistakenly we sat down and were ready to enjoy the show.  Our timing couldn't have been any better, as it started right after we got settled.  Dan's parents hadn't arrived yet due to the traffic, but they showed up not long after the first song, and therefore didn't miss much of the show at all.

The concert itself was awesome!  For being as old as he is, Paul McCartney still knows how to rock.  And he enjoyed it too.  It was so much fun to see so many people having a good time.  The ages in the audience were the full range.  His music can be enjoyed by all ages.  I didn't know all the songs, but I sung the ones I did know, and picked up on the chorus for ones I didn't.  I grooved along and just had a really good time.  I loved seeing Dan so happy, he was grooving right along with me.

Towards the end of the show we had some pyrotechnics.  And since we were in an open stadium we got a good show there, with some fireworks. Not the ones that actually explode once in the sky, but more like streamers.  It was amazing.  And like I said earlier, you could tell that Paul was having such a good time too.  After about three encores the concert was finally over and it was time to head home.

But first we had to brave the souvenir stand.  I scored a cute little t-shirt, which got comments when I wore it yesterday.  Unfortunately Dan wasn't able to get the shirt he wanted, as they didn't have it in his size.  We said goodbye to his parents and then headed back out.  Finding the car wasn't really that hard, but it was amusing to see how many people were having trouble finding theirs.  Of course I think a lot of them were intoxicated, which probably made it even harder.  Which we just found amusing.

The trip home seemed to go better than the trip there, but I was actually asleep for most of it.  It was late and I was tired. I coudln't keep my eyes open.

I had a great time, so thank you Dan for letting me share such a wonderful experience with you.

Paul McCartney

I wrote up this really great post about the concert and every that happened, but Vox is a bitch and ate the damn thing when I accidentally clicked on a picture I had inserted. 

The concert was good but now I'm not in a mood to write about it again.  I had fun. There you go.


As you can see from the next post I decided to write about the concert again.  While it's not exactly what I wrote before, I think it gets the same points across.  I decided to just write, and not try to remember everything I had previously written.  I'm glad I did. 


Jul 21, 2009

QotD: Make New Friends, but Keep the Old...

Who is your oldest friend?

I think this really depends on how you define old and how you define friend.  Although either way I think Meiran wins.  I've known her for almost 15 years now, and we've been best friends the whole time. That's not to say we don't drift back and forth some, but our friendship is here to stay.  *smile*  And I think she actually is the oldest friend I have.  At least not counting more casual friends/acquaintances.  There are people I have known longer than I have known Meiran, but overall I don't talk to them much anymore so they don't really count as friends. 

Jul 17, 2009

Ice Song

Kirsten Imani Kasai

Ice Song by Kirsten Imani Kasai is the most recent book I've finished reading.  I was drawn in by the cover at my local Barnes and Noble, and intrigued by the description on the back of the book.  I put it back on the shelft and sent myself a text so that I might remember to add it to my book wishlist for later.  Dan bought the book he had found and we headed back out to the car, where he then pulled a book out of his bag and handed it to me.  Somehow he had managed to buy me Ice Song, right under my nose with me not being any the wiser.  I loved it!  And I got to read a new book that looked really interesting.  And it was.

Ice Song follows the story of a woman named Sorykah (such a pretty name) and her travails to recover her kidnapped children.  She is unique though, because she is a Trader, someone who can switch genders.  This presents it's own advantages and disadvantages as she travels in search of the man known as the Collector who has taken her twin babies.  Throughout her journey Sorykah and her alter-ego Soryk, meet all manner of people/creatures who have been affected by something simply known as The Change.  Mixed in with the overall plot there are twines of friendship, romance, lust, passion, jealousy, faith, and simple survival. 

The world created is vivid and the characters bring the book to life.  Sometimes I feel it's hard to find a book or a story that feels new to me, and this one stood out.  The myraid of characters were things my imagination found new and wondrous.  Their stories were all different, and usually touched with sadness.  I felt for all of them, only in different ways. Some characters I did not like at all, some I grew to understand more as their story unfolded and my opinions of them changed.  Some of the characters themselves grew and tried to be better than what they were before.  I find characters who can change, or characters who cause my opinon of them to change to be the most engaging.

Fans of fantasy should definitely check this out.  It's not the kind of story I am typically drawn to, but it was a good read, and a very enjoyable story.  I was caught up in the life of Soryk/Sorykah, as well as the other characters involved in their epic quest to rescue the babies.


Okay, it's been a while since I've seen this actually, but I didn't get around to writing about it and decided I wanted to do it now.  Repo! The Genetic Opera is a story about a Repo man and his daughter, and what they go through in a futuristic world where organs are harvested so that any ill can be cured.

It is definitely a movie off of the beaten track, and it's weird and quirky nature is why I like it.  I was intrigued by the idea of it being a musical and an out there sci-fi/horror-eqsue movie.  It also stars Anthony Stewart Head (Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer), which was easily enough of a reason for me to give it a try.

Overall I felt that it was a well done movie and it had several plotlines that worked together to forward the major plot and unwind the story.  The singing was also well done, and worked into the movie's natural dialogue quite well, although some of it did bother me.  There were parts where the dialogue and singing mixed and that was a little offputting.  It just didn't flow very well to me.

This is a very weird movie, and not one to just watch on a whim.  Or maybe it's exactly that.  Dan and I had a hard time trying to find a night to watch this, because we just weren't in the mood for something we knew was going to be weird and kind of wacky.  So we simply picked a night and decided that we were watching it and that was that.  I think with this kind of movie you either do like Dan and I did or you simply grab it and go for it.  It's not a movie to wait around for the "right mood"  because I don't think it exists. 

If you like quirky offbeat musicals that also have lots of blood and guts, and organs in it, I say go for it! 

Jun 19, 2009

QotD: Who do you tell your secrets to?

Who do you tell your secrets to?

I have a bunch of paper journals that I have kept, and between them they hold most of my secrets.  Otherwise, I spread them around. Meiran probably knows the most, Dan knows quite a few too, and then my mom knows plenty as well.  Overall though, I tend to share stuff with people.  There's not a lot that I'll try to actually keep secret.  Depends on the nature of the secret though, I guess.

Jun 18, 2009

QotD: Friendship Choice

Would you rather have one best friend or ten acquaintances? Why?

One best friend, hands down.  I have known my best friend since around August or September of 1994.  We've had our rough spots, we've drifted apart and closer at different points in our lives.  No matter what though, I know that she's there for me and vice versa.  I know that even if we drifted so much that we hadn't talked in years, if I needed her, she'd be there.  Acquaintances will never measure up to that. 

Now that's not to say that I don't have other friends, great friends who would also be there if I really needed it. I am lucky to have a nice group of friends, who are definitely more than just acquaintances.   And my boyfriend has been there for me from the very beginning when he got introduced to most of my family because my grandma was hurt and then my grandpa passed away.   He's a best friend to me in a different way, and that's how it's supposed to be. 

Life throws curveballs, and makes it hard to keep things going exactly the way you'd like.  I don't see Meiran as often as I'd like, I miss the random talks about random things that we used to have.  But we're growing up and doing different things and it's not quite as easy to spontaneously hang out like we used to. Darn this whole being adult thing!  *laugh*  We're still best friends though, and I know that in some way she will always be in my life.  She's a large part of me, she helped to become who I am, and I am so thankful to her for that.  My life would be very different if I hadn't met her, and I can't imagine life without her. 

I think it's time to plan a get together, what do you say Meiran?  In all that free time we both have.  *grin*  We should go out shopping or to a movie or something.  Maybe just wander the mall sometime, looking at random things and talking and buying ice cream for lunch or something.  What do you say?

Jun 16, 2009

Resident Evil: Extinction

I like the first two Resident Evil movies quite a bit.  I really like Milla Jovovich as an actress.  I really wish I hadn't bothered watching this movie.  Such a disappointment.  Anyhow, I took some notes as I was watching, and I'll share them with you now.


I was confused by the beginning of the movie.  I couldn't figure out why they were replaying the first movie.  Then I thought that it was probably a dream sequence.  And there there was a pit of dead Milla Jovovich's and a bunch of zombies.  Nice. 

Hicks and zombie dogs.  Nice.

The zombies eating people is just a little gratuitous in this movie.  Bleh.

And now Alice has telekinesis.  And little Red Queen doesn't look nearly as cool anymore. She's way too sweet looking.  The red holograph was a lot better.

And now it's the birds.  If you can't tell I'm not overly impressed so far. 

Is there an actual plot in here somewhere?

Milla is a superwoman.  Wheee!  She has awesome mind power abilities.  Un-huh.  Yeah.  Right.

Of course there were zombies in Vegas.....and they're still fighting them....and still fighting them.

*sigh*  I didn't think this movie would be this bad.

He has tentacles.  Why the hell does he have tentacles?

And now Milla/Alice is on the hunt for the big bad.

Great - Mutant Zombie is all mind-powerful too. 

I'm still wondering, where's the plot?

And Alice #2 saves the day!  Or at least saves Alice #1.  Although #2 is probably really like #50 or something since there's a bunch of them in a ditch.

Wheee!  A whole army of Milla-Alice's!  That makes perfect sense for the end of this movie.

I'm glad I netflixed this and didn't buy it based on my liking the first two movies.


So those were my thoughts as I watched the movie. I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to it, as I was also playing Eggbreaker on Facebook.  I think Eggbreaker was more interesting.  I think I'll just pretend this one doesn't exist. 

None of the new characters were very well done. Actually none of the characters were very well done. None of them had a purpose, there was no real story in there except that they had to avoid zombies.  That was it. And they didn't do it very well. 

They could have taken the new abilities that Alice had and explained them better, then used them to better advantage. Some of the stuff there was kind of cool, like her shorting out the circuit in the satellite. Very far fetched, but kind of neat.  Only they just threw these abilities out there and didn't really do anything with them.  They just wanted to make her look cool I guess.  It didn't add to the story, there was no reason why she suddenly had mind powers.  The only time they actually worked was when she shielded Carlos from the fire.  Otherwise they were pointless.  And after she woke up and dropped her bike and all the rocks she had this look on her face like it had happened before.  The audience should have been in on that.  If it wasn't a surprise to her then it should have been introduced to us that way. 

I think there might have been some potential to this movie if they had explored Alice's character better, maybe showed us some of what she did out there on her own, and if they had developed a better villain.  This movie was a mashup of zombies, gore, death, and superpowers that just didn't work. 

*sigh*  I am disappointed.  Don't bother with this one, especially if you like the first two.  And to leave you with a really bad pun - this movie needs to be extinct.  

Go ahead and groan.  *laugh*

Jun 12, 2009


I watched Primer not too long ago, and overall I enjoyed it.  It's an odd take on the ability to time travel.  The story is very well told, and comes across very realistic.  The basic gist is that two guys build a device that allows them to manipulate time, or travel through time.

While interesting, I also found the movie to be confusing.  Some of the dialogue is very technical and I had a hard time following the story line that was driven by that dialogue.  By the end of the movie I did understand what had happened, and how events had played out. 

Primer is a quiet movie, there's not a lot of action or over the top scenes.  It's very simple and straightforward, which I found to be a good way to tell the story.  I would say this is a more intellectual movie as you really need to pay attention to keep up with the story (something I didn't exactly do while watching).

I believe watching it a second time might be interesting because I know the story.  That would allow me to pay more attention to the characters and the details of the science used in the movie.  Perhaps I'll add it back to my Netflix sometime in the future and see how a second viewing goes. 

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