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Cloud Nine (#15)

It’s the Cloud Nine catch up edition!  The end of the year tends to get a little crazy, but here’s some cool stuff that happened.

  • I won Nano!!  Woot!
  • Visited the family at Christmas and had a blast playing with my niece.  She’s so cute!!
  • Lots of awesome Christmas pressies from family and friends.
  • I decided to start doing more letter writing.  So naturally I ordered stamps and wax so I could put wax seals on them!
  • Rogue One, in theaters, opening night (or rather the night before actually).

Cloud Nine (#14)

  • My birthday!  Although I might be getting old enough that I don’t want to admit to having birthdays anymore.  😉
  • Inn BoonsBoro and a trip with my best friend.  The Inn was gorgeous, and so inviting.  It was very easy to feel at home there.  We’re already talking about going back.
  • Sia concert!!  This was kind of my birthday present to myself.  And it was awesome!
  • Cherry Apple Cider! – My friends picked some up for me at the local farmer’s market.  I love this cider!!!

Cloud Nine (#13)

  • It’s fall!  I’ve been able to wear long sleeves, even a hoodie!  
  • Pumpkin Spice!!  I’ve already had cereal, cookies, and a pumpkin spice chai.  So yummy!
  • Kenshin Part 2
  • Intervention 7 – Got to see Juliet Landau and Alex Kingston.  Woot!  Plus yummy food from Smashburger.
  • Figured out how the usb drive worked for music in my Jeep.  I don’t have a cd player, and using my phone can be cumbersome.  The usb works awesome though, so now I need to buy a physically smaller one, and load it up!
  • I made it to book club this month!
  • Figured out at least the start of a concept for NaNoWriMo.

Cloud Nine (#12)

I’ve switched Cloud Nine to be a monthly feature, rather than every other week.  So here are things I liked from the past month!

  • Rurouni Kenshin – Part 1 – The movie was a lot of fun.  Can’t wait for parts 2 and 3.
  • Cute little pressie from Meiran – A team Mystic keychain!  We’re rivals, since she’s team Valor, and yet she still buys me cute things.  ; )
  • Kurios by Cirque du Soleil – This was such a good show.  It felt like a mix of steampunk and jazz, with awesome props, costumes, and performers.  Probably my favorite Cirque show yet (I’ve seen four of them now).
  • BWR16!  That’s my shorthand for the family reunion.  Got to see family, play with my great niece (we quickly became buddies again), and eat lots of yummy food.  
  • Novel planning session – Since my cousin was in town for the reunion, we hashed out some more stuff on our joint writing venture.  Woohoo!

Cloud Nine (#11)

Birthdays and movies!  I have multiples of both in the last two weeks.  Lots of fun times!

  • Happy Birthday to my brother!
  • Happy Birthday to Meiran!
  • The NeverEnding Story at the Alamo Drafthouse – so much fun to see it on the big screen.
  • Ghostbusters!!!
  • Star Trek Beyond – It’s better than the first two.
  • Dinner with a Babbler friend!  Meiran and I met a friend we hadn’t seen in years and ate at that lovely little place called Bilbo Baggins Global Restaurant. I had a pizza called Smaug’s Delight and it was so delicious!