Red Dice (Last Vampire 3) The Phantom (Last Vampire 4) Evil Thirst (Last Vampire 5) Creatures of Forever (Last Vampire 6)

Okay, so I was gonna post two at a time. But then I got sick on Wednesday and didn’t feel like really doing anything.  So I read all day.  I didn’t get through all four of them that day (Lost came on) but I read about the equivalent of three (the last half of 3, all of 4 and 5, and the first half of 6).  I just finished 6 last night so it would be done before I left for the weekend.

After the first book I really didn’t remember much more of the plot.  I guess the first book made a bigger impression when I read them oh so many years ago.  I really enjoyed reading these books again.  I really like Pike’s writing style.  He uses simple sentences, and it’s easy to understand, yet at the same time some of it is very profound.

The story follows Sita/Alisa through her many adventures and the friends she meets along the way.  It becomes intertwined with destiny and there are many psychological aspects as well.  Plus the general supernatural feel of the book, since it is about vampires.  She ends up being the person who can save humanity, but to attempt that she has to travel a very long road.  Each book has it’s own plot, as well as carrying this character forward for the final installment.  I believe that you need to get to know Sita, and know what’s she gone through, in order to accept the ending of the series.

I still really like these books and now I will definitely be picking up some of my other Pike books and re-reading them.  I’ll have to read one of his adult novels and see how the writing compares.  I’m wondering if they’re really written differently, or perhaps just a tad more intense or complex than these.  I don’t remember the difference striking me as I read them, but that was still a long time ago.

If you enjoy the supernatural, with a twist of destiny, then I’d say these are good books for you to read.  If you happen to pick them up, let me know what you think.