What books did you love as a child? 
Submitted by hearts

Gus and the Baby Ghost by Jane Thayer.  Like most childhood things, I forgot all about this book as I grew up.  Then Meiran was going through some old books and I was like “OMG!”  because I used to read this book with my grandma and it was one of my favorites.  Meiran gave me the book, which made me very happy.  (On a side note it only took me like an hour and half or so to be able to scan in the cover so I could have a picture to go with it. Amazon didn’t have any pictures for the book.  My scanner didn’t want to work and I ended up reinstalling the whole thing.  Bleh.  But I got my pic in the end!)

My other OMG, I love it so much book is Misty Morgan .  I wore my copy of this book out, I think I folded it in half to carry it around with me.  I still have it though.  I loved the unicorn and the whole premise of the girl and the clocks.  I really like all of the Serendipity books, but Misty Morgan is definitely my favorite.

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  1. Ohmygoodness. Why does Misty Morgan look so familiar to me? *thinks* I must have had that book when I was younger. I probably loved it, too, because, by the looks of it… it’s princessy and pretty. Good pick! I’m going to have to look into whether I had this book or not.

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