Book: Show us the latest book you bought, borrowed or received.

Haven’t read it yet, but Meiran gave it to me for watching her cat with a last minute asking.  She was actually already out of town I think.  I’ve been in a weird reading mood lately though and not really wanting a romance.  I’ll get to it eventually though, just need to be in a different mood.

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  1. That’s sweet!  I didn’t really know what a romance novel was when I first start reading them, I just knew it was probably something I wasn’t supposed to read yet.  I found one hidden away and secretly started reading it without telling anyone.  Boy did I learn a lot!  *laugh*

  2. Seeing a roamance novel brings back such memories! I’ve always been a huge reader, and whenever I would buy a book when I was younger, my mom would come along and buy a new romance book for herself. Then we’d go back home and sit down and read our books in the same room. Sometimes she would tell me the cute love part of the story (with leaving out the juicy stuff!) and I’d love listening to her. ^___^

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