The latest Netflix rental was Prince Caspian.  Yes, I’m too lazy to type out the full title.  Overall it was pretty good.  I didn’t enjoy it as much as The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, but it was still well done.  I was annoyed at some of the stupid mistakes the characters made, but they’re supposed to or else we wouldn’t have a plot.  And one of the actors reminded me of Robert Downey Jr.  That was a little distracting. 

Reepicheep ROCKED!  I think he was the best thing about this movie.  I remember loving him in the books as well.  He was kind of full of himself, but not in an aggravating or annoying way. Which is hard to do with characters, but the character of Reepicheep was done perfectly.  And I loved his feather.  He was awesome.

Since this is a movie review I won’t get into my dislike for the ending of the books.  I do wonder if they’ll try to do another Narnia movie.  I’m not sure there are any other books focusing on the Pavensies at all.  One of them does have Edmund and Lucy returning to Narnia, but otherwise they follow other children who’ve been woven into the story.  If they did decide to do another one, I’d probably watch it.  The movies are very well done, even if I disagree with the books (or the ending of the last book, really).