Gregory Frost

Shadowbridge is a book that I happened to find by just browsing the bookstore.  Upon entering the bookstore a beeline is made for the Sci-fi and Fantasy section.  And more often than not at least one book is found that comes home with me.  The latest one was Shadowbridge.

It’s a story about stories.  Which I found to be an interesting way for the book to be written.  Each sub story seems to connect with the main character in some way, and they will draw you in of their own accord.

One of the sub stories is rather large, but does fit into the overall arc of the book.  Unfortunately though the main character is not really involved in this sub story that sets up another character of the novel.  This did annoy me somewhat because I was so invested in Leodora that I didn’t want to branch off of her story quite that far. Once the sub story ended it was brought around full circle and was then understandable as to why it had been included.  The character that story set up, Diverus, became a central character to the story.

There is a sequel called Lord Tophet that I will be buying next time I go to the book store.  It will continue Leodora’s story, which is good because Shadowbridge almost ended without an ending.  It’s a story that definitely isn’t over yet.  I’m looking forward to reading Lord Tophet and learning the rest of Leodora’s story.

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