I watched Primer not too long ago, and overall I enjoyed it.  It’s an odd take on the ability to time travel.  The story is very well told, and comes across very realistic.  The basic gist is that two guys build a device that allows them to manipulate time, or travel through time.

While interesting, I also found the movie to be confusing.  Some of the dialogue is very technical and I had a hard time following the story line that was driven by that dialogue.  By the end of the movie I did understand what had happened, and how events had played out. 

Primer is a quiet movie, there’s not a lot of action or over the top scenes.  It’s very simple and straightforward, which I found to be a good way to tell the story.  I would say this is a more intellectual movie as you really need to pay attention to keep up with the story (something I didn’t exactly do while watching).

I believe watching it a second time might be interesting because I know the story.  That would allow me to pay more attention to the characters and the details of the science used in the movie.  Perhaps I’ll add it back to my Netflix sometime in the future and see how a second viewing goes.