So, two months in and my method for getting out of bed is still working.  A brief explanation – I set my first alarm to the radio at 6:05, and my second alarm at 6:15.  I have to get up to give the cat medicine, otherwise I’m not sure this would work so well for me.

I’ve also instituted a Gold Star rating.  On my Google Calendar I have an event set up and made the color gold.  I just add a day to it every time I manage to get up like I want to.  On days where I might falter a little, I get a Silver Star and change the color.  And there are now two days where I didn’t give myself a star at all.  So here’s my rundown:

59 Gold Stars
2 Silver Stars
2 Zero Stars

That first day with no stars was a holiday and I was off work, so it was outside of my normal schedule.  I gave Reki her medicine and then I crawled right back in bed and fell asleep.  Woke up around 8 without any kind of alarm clock going off and it was glorious!  And yes, that is actually the word I thought when I woke up.  The second day was this morning.  I had been at a convention all weekend, and had a really crappy Saturday night/Sunday morning, so this morning the snooze button became my best friend.

Now that I have this one thing going well I’m starting to think about what I should tackle next.  I’ve read on other blogs where people do a reboot and tackle four or five things they want to improve, but I’m not sure doing so much at once will work for me.  I think I’ll pick one thing, and get that going in addition to the getting up early.  And keep building from there.

Although I guess technically I’ve tackled two things already.  As a bonus to my getting up early I decided to tack on doing French on Duolingo.  I don’t feel that much more fluent in French yet, but it’s fun and I still enjoy the language.