Tailchaser’s Song

Tailchaser’s Song

Tad Williams


Tailchaser’s Song is a book that was recommended to me by my boyfriend, Dan.  I hadn’t heard of it before, and he remembered it fondly so I decided to give it a try.  I snagged a copy from Paperbackswap.com and after finishing other books already on my reading list, I decided to pick it up.

Tailchaser's SongThe first thing that struck me about the book was the odd writing style.  The names of the cats and the places took some getting used to, but once I was able to not concentrate so much on the distinctive writing I was able to get sucked into the story.

The story centers around a cat named Fritti Tailchaser (who is referred to by both names throughout the book, something that was mildly confusing for me at first) and his quest to rescue Hushpad, the fela (female cat) that he likes.  While on the journey to find where Hushpad has gone, Tailchaser ends up confronting all manner of fun, crazy, and dangerous adventures with a young kitten sidekick named Quickpounce.  I was drawn into the story and enjoyed finding out what would happen to the cats next.

There were several other supporting characters, and all added their own flavor to the tale.  The descriptions of the characters were well done, although I sometimes did have a hard time picturing them in my head.  Tailchaser seems to be a normal housecat, while some of the other cats are described as being very large comparitively.  For those cats I had more trouble because I was unsure of just what kind of cat they might be.  Not a big problem though, and it certainly didn’t draw me away from the story for long.

Tailchaser’s Song was definitely a fun read.  I was reading the book while on a train ride, and it definitely helped me to pass the time.  It’s a fun fantasy romp, and I highly recommend it if you think it sounds like you’re kind of thing.  I believe I may check out some other books by Tad Williams, just to see how they compare.  This one feels like it has a distinct style to it, so I’m curious.

If you do happen to pick it up, share your thoughts!



Nim’s Island

Nim's Island

Nim’s Island was a very cute movie, definitely geared towards kids.  I really had to try to suspend my disbelief because there are so many things about this movie that just wouldn’t work.  If you can let yourself get past those points, it’s really cute.  The interaction between fantasy and reality was fun.  In one scene Nim is reading a book and they show how she’s imagining the action in the book.  I enjoyed the way fantasy and reality imposed upon each other.

Abigail Breslin is a good actress and she did well.  I tend to like most of the roles she’s played, she does good at being the precocious child.  It was interesting to see the character Jodie Foster played, it’s unlike most of her roles.  Her character here comes across somewhat silly and over the top.

Overall, it’s  really cute movie for the family.  I wasn’t overwhelmed by it, but I did enjoy watching it.


The Shadow Queen

The Shadow Queen (Black Jewels, Book 7)

The Shadow Queen (Black Jewels, Book 7)
Anne Bishop

It has been a long time since a book has put its barbs in me and I wasn’t able to let go.  I started this book on a Thursday night, and forced myself to put it down because I had to go to work on Friday.  I was about a quarter of the way into it at that point.  Friday I went to work, then did errands, then went out to eat with a friend.  I didn’t let myself pick the book back up until I had no other obligations that night.  Then I finished the book by about 2 am.  I had a couple of breaks in there, but it was a straight read through for the most part.

I have missed being into a book this much. I laughed out loud at parts, and almost cried at others.  Cassie is a great character and her story was very well told.  Her struggles are almost universal for all women, and that made it very easy to identify with her.  She’s a very real character, her struggles are normal issues that most people will be able to identify with.

The side story involving Daemon, Jaenelle, and Saetan was okay, but kind of superfluous.  It didn’t really relate to Cassie’s story at all and felt like a rehashing of the conflicts Daemon and Jaenelle usually have.  It wasn’t bad, but I was much more interested in Cassie’s story, and felt myself wanting the other pieces to quickly pass by.

There is a sequel to this story already in the works and I can’t wait to read it.  I think it’s going to have a new main character, but still deal with the characters from this story.  I just have to wait another year.


The Crown Conspiracy

The Crown Conspiracy
The Crown Conspiracy by Michael J. Sullivan

I just finished reading The Crown Conspiracy, and I have to say it was an excellent read.  It is a fantasy book, set in a time of kings, knights, and a hint of magic.  The story revolves around two thieves and we follow them throughout the book.

The story is character driven, with a good plot to back up the characters.  Overall I’d say it was an easy read, there’s plenty of action and good dialogue, without a lot of politics between the characters.  If you like fantasy books, and a good action story to go with it, I’d highly recommend this.  The fantasy isn’t in your face, rather it’s subtly worked in.

There is a second book out now, which is not exactly a sequel, but more of another adventure with some of the same characters set in the same world.  I’m looking forward to reading it.



I watched Constantine last night.  While it’s a good movie, it’s not a great movie. I enjoyed the story, and did kind of get pulled into it.  I really like Keanu Reeves, and it was cool to see Shia LeBeouf (Transformers, Eagle Eye) and Tilda Swinton (Narnia) show up too.

I guess overall it’s an okay movie. The story was intriguing, and I even got invested in the characters, but overall it just didn’t feel great.  I’m glad I grabbed it through Netflix, rather than buying it though. 

I’m pretty sure I have the book, which I have yet to read, so I may see about giving that a try.  Often I find books are better than the movies.

I think I gave it a rating of 3 over on Netflix. I liked it.  It was okay.  Actually, I wish that were a rating option – it was okay – rather than – I didn’t like it.  Oh well, I’ll just end up with a lot of movies that have a rating of three.