Month: August 2006

QotD: I’m reading (or about to read)…

What books are on your nightstand?

The Black Jewels Trilogy Dreams Made FleshThe Black Jewels Trilogy and Dreams Made Flesh
Anne Bishop

I just cleaned off what might be considered my nightstand, but the books that are there right now are The Black Jewels Trilogy and Dreams Made Flesh.  All are very good books.  The Black Jewels Trilogy tells the story of a girl named Jaenelle who grows into a loving and fearsome woman.  Dreams Made Flesh is a collection of short stories that fills in some of the happenings throughout the book.

They are adult in nature, but very good reads if you don’t mind some very adult situations.  I’ve read the BJT books several times (five or six now I think) and Dreams Made Flesh at least twice.  Every time I read them I am just as engaged as the first time I read them. I also find that I tend to read them slower and can therefore learn more things about the characters and the story.

Sharon Shinn: The Dream-Maker’s Magic

Dream-maker's MagicDream-maker’s Magic
Sharon Shinn

This is the third book in the series by Sharon Shinn, and I think it might be my favorite.  Although I still love the second one too, and the first one as well. *laugh*  Maybe I should just be content to say I love them all.

One thing I think I love about these stories is that they seem to balance the good and the bad.  It seems to capture how crazy life can be and the roller coaster ride we all go on while just trying to live our lives.  This book had a very happy ending and one that made me cheer!  I think that’s why I like these so much, they give me hope that things will turn out for the best, even if it doesn’t seem like it.

Highly recommended!


QotD: In Heavy Rotation

What albums are in heavy rotation for you right now?








These are the three cd’s Iisten to on my five hour trips home.  Occasionally mixed in with a couple of radio stations.  I can pretty much sing all the songs on all of these though, and they’re a good mix of tempos and rhythms, so I’m happy with them.  I’d add Keane into the mix, but it’s a dualdisc and I’m afraid it might get stuck in my car’s cd player.  I also have a couple of comedy discs, but I don’t listen to them too often because I don’t want to get tired of them.  Comedy just doesn’t stay funny for me if I listen to the same jokes all the time.

The Truth-Teller’s Tale by Sharon Shinn

The Truth-Teller's TaleThe Truth-Teller’s Tale
Sharon Shinn

I just got done reading this book.  It was just as good as the first one.  I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get to find out more about the characters from the first book, but this book had it’s own amazing characters and story.  I absolutely love the twins.  I guess part of it is because they seem like two sides of my own psyche.

I’m a person that people confide in, yet I am very very bad at telling a lie and can very rarely pass off anything as true that’s not.  The only way I ever do that is to stretch the truth or not tell all of the truth.  If people ask me something outright I answer them honestly.

Adele and Eleda both connected with me in a way that characters in a book don’t often do.  Usually I find traits in a character that  I’d like to have, not ones that are already so close to my own characteristics.  A highly recommended book.  What a wonderful way to spend the morning!


Wolf Hunting by Jane Lindskold

Wolf Hunting (Firekeeper Saga)Wolf Hunting (Firekeeper Saga)
Jane Lindskold

I just got done reading this book.  I love this series.  It’s a great set of books, this is the fifth so far, and there’s still more I want to know.  There’s a good mix of old and new characters and even the characters that have been around since the first page don’t become boring and bland.  Somehow they stay interesting as do the story lines.

My best friend bought me the first book in the series, Through Wolf’s Eyes, because I like wolves and she thought I’d like it.  Now I’m hooked.  Jane Lindskold has written some other great books as well, if you’re a fantasy fan you should definitely check her out.

Now to find another book to read.