What books are on your nightstand?

The Black Jewels Trilogy Dreams Made FleshThe Black Jewels Trilogy and Dreams Made Flesh
Anne Bishop

I just cleaned off what might be considered my nightstand, but the books that are there right now are The Black Jewels Trilogy and Dreams Made Flesh.  All are very good books.  The Black Jewels Trilogy tells the story of a girl named Jaenelle who grows into a loving and fearsome woman.  Dreams Made Flesh is a collection of short stories that fills in some of the happenings throughout the book.

They are adult in nature, but very good reads if you don’t mind some very adult situations.  I’ve read the BJT books several times (five or six now I think) and Dreams Made Flesh at least twice.  Every time I read them I am just as engaged as the first time I read them. I also find that I tend to read them slower and can therefore learn more things about the characters and the story.