Month: July 2006

QotD: Discovering Music

Go to one random page in Explore Audio. What CD do you see that you’re most interested in listening to?


This is the cd I decided on, mainly because I don’t actually know any of the songs, but I’m sure I’ve heard them before on my yahoo radio station.  So I think it’d be cool to get to know the songs better, plus it’s a very interesting name.

This might be one I add to my collection just to see what it’s like, granted it’s available on







The Safe-Keeper’s Secret by Sharon Shinn

The Safe-Keeper's SecretThe Safe-Keeper’s Secret
Sharon Shinn

I just got done reading this book.  It was sitting in the living room, I was half paying attention to the VH1 top 20, so I decided to pick it up.  And then continued reading it until I was done, minus a bathroom break or two.  It was a very enjoyable experience.  The kitty curled up in my lap, a very nice way to spend the morning.

I loved the book.  I love most books I read so that’s probably not a surprise.  But it was very engaging and still simple.  The premise of having Safe-Keepers, and Truth-Tellers, and Dream-Makers is one I find intriguing.  I really enjoyed this book, a very good, fast read that made me feel good.  I now have to read the next book, The Truth-Teller’s tale.  I hope that it at least touches on the characters from this story, because I want to know more about them.


Keane: Hopes and Fears

This is the July cd of the month.  Yes, I know July is almost over, but I don’t get the cd until like the 20th each month.  For July the cd is Keane: Hopes and Fears.  I haven’t gotten to listen to it a whole lot yet.  I absolutely love their first single Somewhere Only We Know and based on that decided to go for the disc.  I’m listening to it as I’m writing this and so far I really like it. 

I love their new single off the second album, Is it Any Wonder, and I’ll probably be putting that disc on my list too.

It’s a pretty mellow disc (at least from what I’ve heard so far) and I really like that.  It has really pretty music too.  If I thought it could play in my car I’d be very happy.  Unfortunately it’s a dual disc and it wouldn’t even play in my computer.  I’ll have to access the other side on Meiran’s comp.  That’s how I got the music too.  She had to import it and then send it to my comp. 

I can see myself loving this cd though, and so far it’s totally something I would love to fall asleep to.  Overall I highly recommend it.

Next month’s disc will more than likely be KT Tunstall: Eye to the Telescope.  So long as I don’t change my mind.


Books and Audio

Okay, so I added a bunch of books and cd’s to my blog, but I haven’t actually gone through and commented on any of them yet.  I’ll see about getting to that eventually.  I wanted some more stuff on my page though, so I just added some of my favorites there.  I’ll probably end up turning those features into how I keep up with stuff, and I’ll start posting my newest cd every month probably, since I’m in a cd club (  I’m also going to try and add books as I read them.  I had a book community over on LJ, but it’s kind of dead now.  If it had these features available to easily add books and so forth, and keep track of all the books for the community, oh I’d be all about that.  I bet it would be much more popular that way too.