This is the July cd of the month.  Yes, I know July is almost over, but I don’t get the cd until like the 20th each month.  For July the cd is Keane: Hopes and Fears.  I haven’t gotten to listen to it a whole lot yet.  I absolutely love their first single Somewhere Only We Know and based on that decided to go for the disc.  I’m listening to it as I’m writing this and so far I really like it. 

I love their new single off the second album, Is it Any Wonder, and I’ll probably be putting that disc on my list too.

It’s a pretty mellow disc (at least from what I’ve heard so far) and I really like that.  It has really pretty music too.  If I thought it could play in my car I’d be very happy.  Unfortunately it’s a dual disc and it wouldn’t even play in my computer.  I’ll have to access the other side on Meiran’s comp.  That’s how I got the music too.  She had to import it and then send it to my comp. 

I can see myself loving this cd though, and so far it’s totally something I would love to fall asleep to.  Overall I highly recommend it.

Next month’s disc will more than likely be KT Tunstall: Eye to the Telescope.  So long as I don’t change my mind.


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  1. I want KT Tunstall. Maybe I’ll just grab it from you and import it. I was gonna buy it with my iTunes money…but maybe I could just give you two bucks? Or let you burn half my cds?

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