The Safe-Keeper's SecretThe Safe-Keeper’s Secret
Sharon Shinn

I just got done reading this book.  It was sitting in the living room, I was half paying attention to the VH1 top 20, so I decided to pick it up.  And then continued reading it until I was done, minus a bathroom break or two.  It was a very enjoyable experience.  The kitty curled up in my lap, a very nice way to spend the morning.

I loved the book.  I love most books I read so that’s probably not a surprise.  But it was very engaging and still simple.  The premise of having Safe-Keepers, and Truth-Tellers, and Dream-Makers is one I find intriguing.  I really enjoyed this book, a very good, fast read that made me feel good.  I now have to read the next book, The Truth-Teller’s tale.  I hope that it at least touches on the characters from this story, because I want to know more about them.


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  1. The sequel talks a smidgen about Fiona and the princess (who is by then the Queen) but it mostly goes on to new characters. BUT, it’s still very good on it’s own.

    I really liked the third one, Dream-Maker’s Magic too. I’ll check ’em out from the bookstore for you. They’re in hardcover so they’re too pricey to buy. I actually only bought that one because it was supposed to be returned in the RPL and it’s a strip cover so it would have been destroyed. I couldn’t let that happen to such a good book.

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